Protein: the mighty macronutrient that's not just for bodybuilders!

Protein isn’t just for the gym enthusiast; protein is your friend! 

It's the building block of our muscles and tissues, like hair, skin, and nails! So next time you're feeling snacky, reach for a treat made with KEEN No-Bake Energy Bite Mixes (
2 balls made using the suggested original recipe provide 12 grams of protein).

Want a delicious snack that doesn’t taste of protein powder?
Our delicious mixes come in three different flavours, and the best part? You can customize it with any ingredients you like – create snacks that you’ll love!


KEEN products are gluten-free, with each of our energy bite mixes meeting the Canadian requirements for ‘gluten free’ – without sacrificing taste.


Rest assured, KEEN mixes’ chosen ingredients do not come from genetically engineered foods, or from genetically engineered varieties or sources.


KEEN no-bake energy bite
mixes are kosher (dairy) certified.

Energy in each KEEN prepared bite! 

Each energy ball made using our suggested original recipe provides a source of energy and 2 KEEN prepared bites, made with wholesome ingredients using the suggested original recipe, also provide 12 grams of protein!

Made with YOU in Mind

Completely customizable with ingredients of your choice, while you choose the sugar with these delicious bites! Indulge in snacking you can feel good about with nutritious KEEN energy bites. Create the no bake bites to suit your needs and roll it the way you like it!



Pour your Keen Energy Bite Mix into a bowl


Mix with nut butter, yogurt or liquid, and sweetener of choice


Roll into bites (makes approx. 20 bites)


Chill in the refrigerator for a suggested 30 minutes

Enjoy your delicious and healthy snack